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Weak link of GipsyTeam: Women’s Tournament

On Friday at 20:00 in Moscow, a new team enters the fight for the title of the strongest link in GipsyTeam, whose participants are ready to answer a variety of new questions and round after round to throw each other out of the game.

The dream team is represented by Dasha Scarlett, Svetarik Light, Olga Mangustik, Dasha Darya_Kurt, Katya Kotya, and Natasha Ego1stka.

According to the results of the two editions the leader of the tournament table remains Mikhail Yakovlev (41 points), the second place is taken by Maxim Lykov, his team earned 28 points. Will the girls manage to take the lead? We`ll find out on Friday evening.

In breaks between the rounds presenters, Ilya Gorodetskiy and Alice Pinky will read the chat broadcast on YouTube – prepare questions to the participants!