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What is the tilt?


Tilt is a suboptimal emotional state that leads to wrong decision making and game degradation. Which will later affect your statistics and your bankroll? Tilt can be triggered by fatigue, moves, real-life problems, and other factors that affect the player’s psycho-emotional state.

In order to describe the level of the poker player’s game at specific moments, there are symbols: A-, B- or C-game.
– By A-game, we mean the game at the limit of your skill. When no one and nothing prevents you from using your skull to the maximum.
– B-C-game, in turn, refers to playing in a state of tilt. Anger and frustration caused by the game have an accumulative effect. The player begins to make reckless decisions, play recklessly, jump to high limits in the hope of winning back the loss and completely forget about self-control. This leads to aggression, offensive behavior, and incitement to hatred. All the way to the surrounding objects, like throwing a mouse against a wall or hitting a table/keyboard.