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Exciting poker stories

Origin of the term “nats”

The term “nuts” refers to an invincible hand in a particular poker situation. According to some experts, this term has appeared in the Wild West, where players often put their knight and carriage on the line. When they took this step, they were required to unscrew the nuts from the wheels of the cart and put them in the game pot. This protected other players from cheating – the player who laid down the wagon could not escape. So when someone put the wheel nuts of their wagon in the Pot, the other players thought they had an invincible hand. That’s where the name of the invincible hand came from – “nats”.

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Poker Stories

Robert Fallon

To many Cards

This story took place in the distant year 1858, when a very good poker player Robert Fallon was shot by his losing opponent. The killer claimed that Robert was a cheater and could beat him at $600 just by cheating.

When the seat at the table, where Fallon was free, his winnings were still lying around, but none of the players wanted to take the “unhappy place”. But by the rules of the time the game had to continue, and the players, having consulted, decided to take a random person in the game. He went out into the street and soon returned with a young man, who accidentally passed by.

The new player was placed at the table (in the still warmest place) and given $600 (Fallon’s win) as a starting bid. When the police arrived at the scene after the crime, they found that the killers were playing poker with excitement, and with a clear advantage beating the new player. Who in this short time managed to “make” out of 600 dollars – 2500!

After dealing with the situation and detaining the main suspects in the murder of Robert Fallon, the police ordered to give 600 dollars won by the deceased to his next of kin, who eventually turned out to be… our lucky young player who has not seen his father Robert Fallon more than 7 years!

A long poker duel

Cards for poker

1949. Las Vegas. Horseshoe Casino. The famous poker player Benny Binnion came up with the idea and organized a simple incredible bet!

According to his terms, the players had to play poker as long as one of them lost all his money. The bet was public. Anyone could take part in it by making a $10,000 contribution.

Strange as it may seem, the participants did not keep themselves waiting long.

The first to respond to the invitation was the “King of Players” – Nicholas Andreas Dandolos (Nick “The Greek”). He got this nickname because he could win and lose simple astronomical sums of money. What mattered to Nick was the process of the game, not the result.

His opponent was Johnny Moss, who was also the subject of legends. So, one of them, if Moss came to this or that city to participate in a poker tournament, all the other players were in a hurry to leave this city.

Moss was a professional with a capital letter and an amazing intuition. What’s typical is that he flew to the game without any rest, right after another game that lasted 4 days.

When he heard about the famous poker betting players, the other players simply didn’t risk playing. However, that didn’t stop them from arriving at the Horseshoe Casino and putting money on the poker gurus.

The Poker Marathon was gaining momentum every day. Players would take turns raising bets and winning each other’s money. Interesting fact, at one of the handouts Nick Greek managed to win the bank of half a million dollars, even without looking at their cards.

The game lasted for five months (only with sleep breaks) and ended in the victory of Johnny Moss. Johnny defeated his opponent with over $2 million.

It is known that when the climax came, Nicholas smiled and said: “Well, Mr. Moss, I think it’s time I let you go!”

The phrase became nameless and made Nick the Greek even more famous. You have to lose with dignity, too. And Nicholas did a great job of it.

Well, Johnny Moss, after this game, became the unofficial best poker player.

“Canada Bill,” the greatest cheater in poker history.

Big poker table

The poker player and cheater William “Canada Bill” Jones preferred to play on the banks of the Mississippi in the mid-nineteenth century. He had an unpleasant voice, the appearance of a simpleton, and he behaved like a total sucker. But the appearance was very different from reality. Canada Bill was a legendary player of the highest class and a cheater of three cards Monte, who wrapped around unsuspecting opponents.

However, he also had to get in the clutches of other crooks, because Bill did not miss an opportunity to play with them. When one of his friends tried to persuade him to avoid playing with the cheaters, Bill replied: “But there is nothing else to do in this city. He died penniless after soul.

A dozen and two of the famous Doyle

Professional player Doyle Brunson won the finals of the World Series Main Tournaments in 1976 and 1977 with the same combination of cards: a tenth and two. Today many poker players call this hand “Doyle Brunson”.

Johnny Moss emptied the pockets of Nick “The Greek” Dandallos

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In 1949, probably one of the most famous battles in the poker world took place. The legendary poker player Johnny Moss played against Nick “Greek” Dandalos. Opponents met at the Binion Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. The duel lasted five months and contained almost all possible options for the game. During these months, the pockets of Nick “Greek” Dandallos softened by $4 million. At that time, there was no World Series Poker, but since 1970, Johnny Moss could demonstrate his abilities. He was the first player to win the WSOP Main Tournament three times. Only Stu Ungar was able to repeat that achievement.

Wild Bill and Dead Man’s Hand

On August 2, 1876, in Deadwood, South Dakota, Wild West legend Bill Hitchcock was shot by someone named Jack McCall because he suspected fraud. At that time, Wild Bill had two pairs in his hand– two black aces and two black eights. After that unfortunate day, the combination was called “Dead Man’s Hand.”

Richard Nixon’s poker career

Dealer fish

The former president of the United States, although he was raised as a Quaker (i.e. he wasn’t supposed to drink, dance, gamble or hurl himself), was very fond of playing poker. It is said that he funded his first election campaign with the money he won by playing poker during his time in the Navy during World War II. The money won in poker helped him become a member of Congress in 1946. Rumor has it that when he barely started playing poker, Nixon won $10,000 in the first two months. Not a bad amount at the time!

When, starting in 1952, his political career went up, Nixon decided that his passion for gambling might not appeal to voters, and has not played poker since.

In his autobiography, Nixon wrote: “I realized that players who have good cards, less talk and humble behavior, and those who are bluffing, like to make noise. And by doing so, they give themselves away.”